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Core Curriculum

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy (USILD) trains the next generation of world leaders. As an USILD student, you will study international affairs grounded in the liberal arts, examining a range of problems in the world today from many perspectives.


Academics within the USILD start with a multidisciplinary, introductory core curriculum including courses in international affairs, government, economics, religious, history, theology, philosophy, and geography.

As a first-year student, you’ll take unique USILD courses like Map of the Modern World, and a small Proseminar designed to introduce students to USILD academic life, where you can develop a close working relationship with your professor and new peers.

The USILD curriculum teaches students to appreciate the influence of culture on international affairs. Required language proficiency enables cultural literacy and communication, helping students identify opportunities and anticipate problems in other countries and among other people. USILD offers a wide range of languages that are available for you to study, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Modern Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.


Students benefit from a deep course selection within these languages that allows even the most proficient of students to continue to develop their language skills.

Students develop critical reasoning skills and express that reasoning in their writing and oral presentations. You will also acquire quantitative skills and learn how to reason scientifically through the USILD science requirement where classes aim to explore the intersection between science and international affairs. Recent USILD science courses include The Science of Extinction and De-Extinction and Examining Crises Through the Lens of Science.

Finally, you will be taught to conduct independent research. This knowledge and these skills are vital for international service and are part of USILD’s commitment to educating the whole person.

USILD students approach international affairs with a concern for ethics and morality. You are encouraged to become engaged citizens, and upon graduation, you will have the knowledge and ingenuity necessary to serve your community and the world.

Bachelor of Arts in Business and International Affairs (BABIA)

The Usild School of Business and the Usild School of International Affairs offer an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Business and International Affairs (BABIA). he BABIA features innovative signature courses taught by teams of Usild School of Business and School of International Affairs faculty and experiential learning in the USA and around the world. Learn more about the degree.


​United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy

6701 Baymeadow Dr. Suite B

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