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Human Resources for Anyone with Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities (Level I-Certificate)
Human Resources for Anyone with Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities (Level I-Certificate)

Sat, Aug 02


Location is TBD

Human Resources for Anyone with Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities (Level I-Certificate)

A crash course covering key issues, basic laws and best practices

Time & Location

Aug 02, 2031, 7:00 PM – Aug 03, 2031, 7:00 PM

Location is TBD

About The Event

Overview                                                                                                                                                     Brochure

New to HR? Recently been asked to take on greater HR responsibilities? 

This course will swiftly get you up to speed on all aspects of HR — from legal and compliance issues to hiring and firing, benefits administration, records maintenance and more!

In just one intensive day of training, you'll learn …

  • An HR overview on FLSA, EEO, FMLA, ADA and more
  • Benefits essentials covering the basics of workers' comp, FMLA and COBRA
  • Recordkeeping 101: what to keep, how long to keep it, what to toss and who has access
  • Best practices to establish employees' confidence and earn respect
  • Strategies for employee coaching, counseling and discipline
  • Critical, need-to-know legal info about hiring and firing

 Spend a day with us … and get on-the-mark training that guarantees success in your HR career! 

Relax and focus in a positive, open learning environment with other professionals who understand and share your concerns and questions about HR issues. We’ve created a format that breaks down the most critical information for you so it’s easy to comprehend and apply to your own work situations. We'll cover a broad range of material but ensure it's presented in a manner that makes it easy to absorb and digest. You’ll have ample time to ask questions, discuss ideas, even network with your colleagues as you discover how to meet the challenges and responsibilities of your new position head-on!

You've got your work cut out for you, but we can help! This information-packed seminar was designed to deliver the most information in the least amount of time. From legislation affecting OSHA, COBRA, FLSA, ADA, FMLA and HIPAA to the best practices in benefits, record keeping, hiring, firing and discrimination, this seminar is a foundational course to train you to spot key HR issues, and how to tackle them.

 Quick Quiz: How well do you know HR? 

  • What are the "best practices" that will help keep your organization out of legal hot water?
  • As an HR professional, how should you respond to a charge of sexual harassment within your organization?
  • Can you legally ask an applicant about the reasons for leaving a previous job?
  • What are the legal guidelines for making changes to the employee manual?
  • How can you be sure to stay in compliance with HIPAA’s privacy guidelines?
  • How long should you retain personnel records after employees leave your company?
  • What steps should you take during an employee's termination process to avoid a wrongful discharge lawsuit?

How did you do? If you hesitated on even one of these questions, don’t wait to sign up for this training! Keeping up with the latest legal trends, changes in best practices, legislative updates and court rulings is a tough job for even the most seasoned HR veteran, let alone someone who’s new to the field! Attend Human Resources for Anyone with Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities and become a more effective, productive and knowledgeable HR professional in just one day!

 Agenda ▼    Laws and Practices that Comply: How to Stay on Top of Federal Rulesand Regulations 

  • The laws every HR professional should know regarding FLSA, EEO, OSHA, FMLA, ADA and HIPAA
  • Smart practices to keep your organization out of legal trouble and minimize liability
  • Are your current practices legally sound? How to troubleshoot potential legal hot spots and avoid the courtroom
  • The employee manual — rules for must-have content (and guidelines on what to leave out!)
  • Tips for educating employees on written — and unwritten — company policies
  • The training every employee must receive to ensure safe and legal procedures within your organization

 ▼    Safe Hiring and Firing Practices: Critical Legal Issues for All HR Professionals 

  • Legal Hiring Practices: What you may and may not ask in an interview (and why)
  • Interview questions and techniques that will yield the best hires
  • Before you make the offer — a checklist of steps every HR professional must take before hiring
  • References, background checks and drug tests — the legally safe way to get the information you need
  • The essentials for coaching, counseling and disciplining employees
  • How to conduct an effective, motivating, legally sound performance review
  • Guidelines for legal termination of an employee
  • Legally correct documentation and how long to keep information in the employee file

 ▼    Benefits Administration: Policies and Procedures to Help You Help Your Employees 

  • Benefits essentials such as workers’ compensation, FMLA and COBRA
  • Types of benefits and how to educate employees on their eligibility
  • Training methods to familiarize your employees with available benefits so they’ll understand and participate
  • Know the differences between exempt and non-exempt classifications, and wage and hour basics
  • Types of signage you must display in your business and why
  • Steps to take when benefits change, for the better or the worse
  • Ways to get employees to see the HR department as a positive resource

 ▼    Record Keeping and Records Retention: How to Create an Efficient, Effective and Legally Compliant Program 

  • A list of employee records you must have access to at all times
  • Records the government requires and how to prepare for an audit
  • Employee files: What goes in, what stays out and who has access
  • Pre-employment and employment records you must keep under the EEOC
  • Confidentiality and the HR function — best practices of human resources professionals
  • Storage methods for keeping confidential records safe and secure

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