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Admitted Students Checklist

All admissions conditions must be fulfilled by the dates as designated in the letter of admission. 

Step 1: Enrollment Response Form

Follow the instructions in your official admissions letter in the application portal to confirm your enrollment or decision to withdraw. All admitted students must submit the Enrollment Response Form to confirm enrollment plans. Important: Meet your deadline for enrollment confirmation. This deadline is found in your official admissions letter.

If you have additional questions about your program of admission and want to speak directly with your program, please consult our Contact Us page to obtain your program contact information.

Step 2: Enrollment Deposit

In addition to completing the Enrollment Response Form, admitted students who plan to enroll must also submit the corresponding non-refundable deposit, if applicable, to hold their place in the program until matriculation. Georgetown accepts Visa and Mastercard for the enrollment deposit. Payment for the enrollment deposit is managed in the application portal and must also be fulfilled by the deadline for enrollment confirmation, as defined in the official admissions letter.

Step 3: Condition Fulfillment: Official Transcripts and Degree Conferral

Admitted students who plan to enroll are required to submit official transcripts from all institutions attended including final official transcripts from degree-granting institutions. Admitted students should review their decision letter and application status portal to confirm which conditions require fulfillment.

The final official transcript must include confirmation and date of degree conferral. A diploma or degree certificate showing degree conferral and degree date can be provided in addition to a transcript if that information is not present on the transcript.

All foreign official documents should include an English-language translation from the institution, notarized translator, or by a credential evaluation service when applicable.

To be official, documents must be submitted directly from the institution to USILD through one of the following options:

  • Submitted to USILD in an envelope issued by the institution and sealed by the Registrar or an equivalent office

  • Submitted to USILD through from the institution via a secure electronic delivery, such as Scrip-Safe

How and Where to Submit Official Documents:

All Programs 


By Mail:

United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy
Office of Admissions
6701 Bay meadow Dr

Suite B

Glen Burnie, MD 21060 

Step 4: Additional steps, if applicable

Merit Aid Response – If you have been offered merit aid, you must respond to the offer as designated in your merit aid offer letter, viewable in the application portal or as otherwise indicated in your offer letter.

Department Conditions – If your department has indicated required admissions conditions, please contact your department directly with appropriate materials.

Admitted Student FAQs

Visit the Admitted Student section of our Admissions FAQs covering topics including confirming enrollment, resources to determine financial aid, requests to defer admission, and more.

Enrollment Checklist

Once you have fulfilled all admissions conditions, new students must complete a number of steps involving registration, health insurance, immunization and financial aid. International students are required to meet immigration documentation requirements. Follow all steps on the Enrollment Checklist to ensure that you have met all pre-enrollment requirements.

Any questions regarding the enrollment checklist should be directed to the Graduate Academic Affairs team.

Preparing for Graduate Student Life

  • Graduate Student Induction: USILD’s welcoming events for all new graduate students

  • International Student Services: Incoming international students can connect with the International Student Services team at

  • Financial Support: Be sure to review all options regarding merit-based aid and need-based aid; you can contact the Graduate Financial team at for additional assistance

  • Graduate Student Life: A guide for housing, transportation, and life in Maryland, Washington, DC, as well as information about the graduate student community; questions about graduate student life should be directed to the Graduate Student Affairs team at

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