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Graduate in Diplomatic Studies
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Certificate in Diplomatic Studies

The Certificate Diplomacy was created in response to the need of diplomats, corporate senior executives, government officials, military officers, NGOs, or private sector whose careers demand an understanding of the formulation and implementation of foreign policy. Certificate and Master Programs seek to help students integrate and complement their graduate degree programs, to provide them with the intellectual skills to assess the complexity of issues and actors beyond the student's functional or geographic area of concentration, to synthesize a wide range of information sources, to extrapolate from relevant case studies and broad strategic goals, and to devise innovative, yet pragmatic policy implementation steps. The Certificate Program in Diplomatic Studies welcomes graduate students from all around the world.

The goals is a balance of functional and international politics and regional focus, core and emerging issues, and statecraft skills and competencies tailored to the academic background and career goals of the students.


Certificate candidates will plan a directed, coherent course of study that includes:

  • International politics​

  • Four elective courses

  • Directed capstone

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