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Revenue & Receivable

Wire Transfer Information for Student Payments

International Wire Payments:

Those attempting to make a wire transfer from an international bank account would likely benefit from using Convera, a firm that offers wholesale exchange rates for international wire transfers. This service offers a Best Price Guarantee on exchange rates (as detailed here), and avoids the uncertainty associated with international wire transfers by allowing students and their financial benefactors to specify the amount that USILD is to receive. International students and their benefactors with foreign bank accounts denominated in US dollars should note that a traditional wire payment is likely the least costly method.

Please note that USILD  receives no financial benefit from its association with Convera.

Domestic Wire Payments:
Those attempting to wire funds from domestic bank accounts or attempting to make a transfer from an international source but do not wish to take advantage of Convera should use the following information when making payment arrangements:

Financial Information:
Wire transfers must be denominated in US Dollars (USD).

USILD Bank Information

Bank Name:            Bank of America

Bank Adress:          NA 222 Broad Way

                                  New York, New York 1008

Account Holder:     United States Institute of Leadership & Diplomacy

Account Name:       Student Accounts

Routing Number:   052001633

Account Number:   446053532901

Swift Code:              BOFAUS3N

Reference:                Student Name and ID Number

USILD sends automatic confirmation of receipt of wire transfer payments via email to the student’s USILD email address at the time the payment is received and posted to his/her student account. Convera transfers take up to five (5) business days to be received and direct international wire transfers can take up to ten(10) business days to be received. If the student has not received notification that the wire payment has been received and posted after the requisite period has passed, he or she should reach out to Revenue & Receivables at or +1(202) 987-7724


  • USILD only refunds overpayments via ACH (direct deposit to US-based personal checking or savings accounts) or paper check. USILD does not issue refunds via Convera or wire transfer.

  • USILD does not charge any fees on incoming wire transfers. International wire transfers may be subject to fees from intermediary banks. To ensure that the full amount reaches USILD, international transferors should indicate to their bank that they will take responsibility for fees.

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