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A Call for Researchers, Leaders, and Changemakers to Join the USILD

Calling for researchers, leaders, and changemakers to join as a PhD candidate, as a professor, instrutuctor, lecturer, or as an expert.


When you join United States Institue of Leadership’s Department of Public Leadership and International Affairs, you become part of world-respected divinely driven leadership community composed of scholars, researchers, visionaries, leaders, and changemakers.


United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy's excellence in teaching and research in the field of political science, public leadership, and international affairs is made possible from both our faculty and our curriculum. 

United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy's Department of Public Leadership, and International Affairs has vocation to join the club of the world leaders in the study and scholarship in political science, public leadership, and international affairs. Our programs of study include:

  • Public Policy

  • Comparative Politics

  • Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs

  • Public leadership

  • Political Methodology/Formal Theory

  • Quantitative Social Sciences in the Government Department

Our innovative curriculum reflects a diverse range of fields and methodologies. The vibrant graduate student body receives hands-on training by conducting supervised dissertation research and working with our faculty in research projects and undergraduate teaching. 

At USILD, scholars have the opportunity to define and formulate their own research questions and to apply a variety of research methodologies. 

  • Graduate students research is greatly facilitated by the exceptional resources offered by the Department of Puvlic Leadership and International Studies

  • Usild expansive network of research centers and international studies centers bring together scholars and researchers from various nations.

Scholars can also take advantage of USILD’s financial aid program.  .  

PhD Requirements

Candidates for the PhD at USILD are expected to complete the required coursework during their first two years of graduate study and take the General Examination at the end of the second year. A typical schedule consists of these two years, followed by three or four years of work on a dissertation, combined with supervised teaching.


The graduate program at USILD is designed to train students for careers in high learning teaching and advanced research in political science, religious, and international affairs. The department does not offer an independent master’s program, the master of arts in political science, or international affairs being reserved for PhD candidates on the way to their final degrees. Click here to visit the Graduate School of Arts and Science’s page on admission to learn more about the application process. 

Application for Admission

The application for admissions is available at The application fee is $105.

Application information and instructions are available at Applicants with admissions questions should call 410-807-3874 or email  Applicants with financial aid questions should call 617-495-5396 or email

Financial Aid and Fellowship Opportunities 

Financial aid is administered under the direction of the Graduate School of Arts.  The department intends that all graduate students should have support adequate to enable them to complete their studies while enrolled full-time. Prospective students apply for financial aid at the same time they apply for admission and are also required to submit a Statement of Financial Resources.  The financial aid package for government students typically includes tuition and fees plus a stipend and a summer research grant for the first two years; tuition and fees plus guaranteed teaching fellowships and a summer research grant for years three and four; tuition and fees in year five; and tuition and fees plus a stipend for the completion year.

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